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The Rob and Jay Show

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About Rob and Jay

Rob and Jay are not only two names separated by an “and”, they are also two entirely separate people as well!

Rob apart from being taller, Rob is also the man behind laughing loudly, whether it be too close to the microphone or a strangers birthday. He loves the word “nincompoop” and food that is easily heated within a minute ready to eat.

Jay, the shorter of the two, is the organised one of the team, excessively anal (insert, ahem, joke here) he can frequently be heard telling Rob to put down his words with friends and focus. Jay likes running (known as jogging) in a big circle for a long time, which Rob does not understand and likes the feel of shag carpeting, whether it be on his hand or bare derrière.

Jay is the monkey wrangler and, well, Rob is scared of Monkeys.

Photos by Heidi R Photography     Colossal